Want to Know more about Durango’s leading Back Pain Expert?

Ellen Tomsic is the #1 back pain expert in Durango. She has helped thousands of people overcome back pain and sciatica without painkillers, injections and surgery.
What makes Ellen so different to all of the doctors that have told you that rest, medication, and surgery are the best options in order to keep you hiking, skiing and enjoying the outdoor activities Durango has to offer?

Who Is Ellen Tomsic, And Why Does Everyone Want To See Her about their Back Pain?

My name is Ellen Tomsic, and I’m the owner of Tomsic Physical Therapy – Durango’s leading physical therapy clinic.

Over the years, I have helped thousands of people in the Durango area overcome back pain and sciatica.

The people I have treated have often suffered from back pain for years. They have been told by doctors that rest, pain pills, and surgery are the only option to resolve their back issues.

However, I have a proven track record of delivering fast, natural back pain relief to the people of Durango, and have given people relief when all else has failed.

That is why the demand is high to work with me and my team.

If you are struggling with back pain that is keeping you from doing the things you love, whether that be hiking or skiing, or even playing with your kids, I am here to help you!

What Is Ellen Tomsic’s Life Like Away From Being Durango’s Leading Back Pain Expert

When I am not treating patients, I love to spend time with my husband and two dogs, Sadie and Sprocket.

My husband and I love to be outdoors. Whether that’s taking the dogs out hiking, mountain biking all over Durango, snowboarding or skiing. We love taking advantage of what Durango and the area has to offer, no matter the season! I love being active and as someone that has also struggled with low back pain, I know the importance of keeping the body happy and healthy, as it allows for me to do the things enjoy.

I’m also an enthusiast of dog agility and herding, and my dog Sadie holds a national title in Dog Agility. It is safe to say that my life would not be the same if I was not able to enjoy being outdoors. I truly understand those that want to find relief for their back pain and stay active as well.

Ellen Tomsic’s Elite Level Experience Of Treating Back Pain and Sciatica

With over 30 years of experience, I have worked extensively with back pain sufferers. I’ve helped them get back to the life that they want to live – often after years of not being able to find relief or answers to the pain they are experiencing.

In this time, I have grown Tomsic Physical Therapy into becoming the most-in-demand physical therapy clinic in Durango. Our patients have come to know us through the excellent service we provide the moment you walk through the door.


Due to my expertise and amazing results delivered for my patients, I’ve been asked to participate in many local events. I’ve also worked with some of our local businesses to provide expertise during their pre-employment testing.

I have worked with Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad and Fort Lewis College as part of their pre-employment testing, and have participated in and sponsored events such as Durango Skyline Ultra Race, Rotary Golf Tournament, Late Night Course Sprint Triathlon, and Fort Lewis Fall Blaze/All Blades. We have become trusted health partners in the Durango community, helping people understand the cause and finding solutions to questions about their aches and pains they have had for years.

Can Ellen Tomsic Help You With Your Back Pain or your Sciatica?

In the Durango area, I am know for my ability to help back pain sufferers get long-term pain relief, and get back to their best.

I cannot guarantee that I can fix your back pain. However, after a short conversation, I can guarantee that you will have a clear understanding of available treatments. I can show you the best ways to relieve your pain naturally.

If you want to find out how I can help you, I offer free ways where you can learn about how to fix your back pain. Whether that’s coming into the clinic, speaking to me over the phone, or downloading my free back pain report.

The first step is always the most important. Whether you come in to see us at Tomsic Physical Therapy or you download our free report, you have taken a step in the right direction when finding relief from the back pain you are experiencing.

Why Does Ellen Tomsic Specialize In
Back Pain Sufferers?

I specialize in back pain because it can have such a drastic impact on people’s lives. People go years without getting answers for the pain that they have experienced which forces them to live with it for the rest of their life.

As someone that loves to be active and wants to get out to enjoy the beauty of Durango, I understand the impact a bad back can have on just the daily activities of life and doing the things you love. I too have been frustrated due to back pain, and know that you want relief just as I do. That is why I love to help my patients.

I too want you to get you back to living life to the fullest. You deserve to experience the things that Durango has to offer. This is not possible with the many things you have tried to get relief from back pain.

You probably don’t feel heard and have been given the same solutions by a number of doctors that just aren’t working. You might start to lose hope that you will ever find relief from the pain that you are experiencing. I have gone through similar experiences myself. That is why I want to help you if you are currently stuck in this cycle of appointments, bad advice, and debilitating pain that is keeping you from enjoying life.

What Makes Ellen Tomsic Different?

You have probably visited a number of doctors, or medical professionals in the past. You might feel that nobody ever listens, rushes you out the door as soon as you arrive, and you leave with the exact same treatment plan as everyone that has come in before you.

When you speak with me, you will feel heard. I will make sure that I give you the time to explain your situation and discuss the challenges you are having. We can find out where you want to get to as part of your journey.

From the first visit or call, the back pain patients that I work with feel listened to. They feel confident that they are headed in the right direction and have hope. That’s because they have received personalized advice on the best treatment for their situation.

Speak To The Leading Back Pain Expert In Durango For Free

I know you might be nervous, and unsure whether physical therapy is right for you. That’s why I offer two FREE ways to speak to me, and my expert team in our Durango clinic. Whether you prefer to speak to us over the telephone, or want to come into our clinic, you can get answers to your questions, get personalized advice, and learn about the safe, proven and natural ways we can treat your back pain fast!

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