“Can You Help Me Stop My Agonizing Back Pain Fast?”

If you are looking to stop your back pain so you can play with your kids, enjoy all of the outdoor activities that Durango offers, and keep active, learn how leading back pain expert, Ellen Tomsic, has helped people just like you.
Ellen has helped thousands of people in Durango struggling with back pain over the last 30 years, and here are just a few of their success stories.

“Ellen’s knowledge and experience helped me quickly recover from back surgery.”

Tina H, Durango,
5 Stars For This Outstanding Organization

“Ellen and her team have been amazing! Their extensive evaluation process and individualized therapy recommendations have improved my partner, Gordon’s condition quickly. 5 Stars for this outstanding organization!”

“I came to Tomsic Physical Therapy with severe back pain.” 


“Doctors could not find a solution or treatment for my back pain. I struggled for years with severe back pain, and then I came to see Ellen. She rubbed out the pain in one session and I got relief from my back pain just by coming to see the team at Tomsic PT.

“I was on the verge of surgery…”

I was on the verge of surgery…

“I thought I needed a hip replacement. After a great evaluation, it was determined that it was more due to my back and with treatment and exercises that is improving dramatically as well.

My wife Mary, has also been a patient here. She saw Ellen Tomsic for a really unusual, complicated, neurological sensation in the middle of her back between her scapula and after that evaluation and treatment that has also improved. That has basically gone away. So, we both sing the praises of Tomsic Physical Therapy and recommend anyone using them. Hopefully, I won’t need it too much more in the future, but if I do, this is where I will come.”

“I felt as good as new when Ellen treated my back pain.”

I felt as good as new when Ellen treated my back pain.

“I had a back injury and I have been coming to Tomsic Physical Therapy for about 6 weeks or so, and I feel like I am just as good as new.

The staff here is professional, friendly, polite, competent, and a lot of fun. I am glad that I came here and I would recommend Tomsic to anybody.”

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I am happy to share the success stories of people who’ve battle back pain and sciatica for years, feeling helpless and told that rest, painkillers, or surgery was the only option.

I am grateful that so many in the Durango area have chosen to work with me, and found that they are able to stop their back pain naturally, return to doing the activities they love doing, and no longer have fear that they are making their back pain worse.

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