Most Common Back Pain Problems That Stop You Doing What You Love

Not all back pain is the same. There are different causes of back pain and your pain could be coming from something totally different than another back pain sufferer. That is why we stress the importance of identifying the cause of your pain because treatment will differ depending on each situation. While everyone’s back pain is different, there are some common symptoms and problems that occur more often.

Your back pain might be keeping you from doing the things you love, and you might feel that there aren’t any solutions to the help you find relief. However, I have treated thousands of people that had the same fears that you have and were able to avoid injections, medication, and surgery, which always seem to be the final solutions people are given when dealing with back pain.

We don’t want you to stop doing the things you love and live with the pain you are experiencing. It can be frustrating to always be in pain and not being able to enjoy life the way you want. We have helped thousands of people just like you in Durango to end their battle with back pain.


Sciatica is one of the most severe forms of back pain. It can leave you struggling to walk or get out of bed. It’s a type of back pain that can take over your life. It often stops people from doing anything they love without feeling some sort of pain.

The advice you’ll likely get for sciatica is to take it easy, rest, and take painkillers. This is an ineffective solution when it comes to treating sciatica. Taking this advice will cause you to suffer from pain longer than you need to be. Rest and painkillers do not attack the root of the problem that is giving you pain. The lack of treatment will make matters worse.

At our Durango clinic, our team can provide fast sciatica pain relief without pills, injections or surgical procedures, and work with you to cure your sciatica so you aren’t constantly worrying about the next time it strikes.

Lower Back Pain

Many people will struggle with lower back pain at some point in their life. While it is common to suffer from lower back pain, it does not mean that you should have to accept it and live in pain.

Lower back pain can range from mild soreness that flares up, to daily agonizing pain that will keep you up at night, struggling to sit comfortably, and unable to work.

At our clinic, we have treated thousands of people with lower back pain and we are able to help you with the pain you might be experiencing.

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